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Celebrating the World’s Cultures!

Events for Peace with music, dance, costume and art!

Peaceful Pacific Peaceful Pacific


Peaceful Pacific



Kids in Mongolia

An event in the House of Lords to highlight homeless children in Mongolia who lived in tunnels underground:- More…


This latest event, the ‘One World Concert for Peace’ had performers from 7 countries,  with classical, pop and traditional music and costume:  More…

Past events include ‘An Oriental Experience’, ‘the Spirit of Spring Around the World’, ‘Autumn Magic’ , ‘Christmas Around the World’, entertaining and also highlighting charities and good causes: More…

The World Culture Association is presenting ‘concert events in tsunami hit areas of Japan, to help re-build communities and bring hope. In co-operation with local NPOs and volunteers:- More…

Reuters Korea

Korean culture, art and fashion, ancient and new, South and North, projected peace concerts: More…         

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